Digi-girl almighty!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Feel the Wrath of Melons! My first blog. My Gaian blog. That's where I put most of my quiz results.
LJ That's my live journal, my second blog. I'm going to post my b-day wishlist there. *hint, hint*
Chivehead_forever's Xanga Site My xanga was my third site. I don't use it. My sister just wanted to make me a xanga. But they gave me a free trial of xanga premium, so that's nice....

Please post!

No one's posted yet. So please post so I can talk to you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Should I continue to post in orange? Or post in lilac-ish pink? Or post in some other color? What do you think?

Fox Squirrel Gallery

How many of you have seen my fox squirrel drawings? How many of you like them? Does anyone have suggestions on new ones or suggestions on editing my old ones? ((If you can answer any of these questions, reply in orange))

What Miyazaki films have you guys seen? Which ones do you like the best? Which ones don't you like? Do you think it would be cool if I posted Miyazaki film trivia questions for you to answer? **If you have an opinion on any of these things, post in red**

What kind of music do you guys like? (Other than Marissa, I know what you listen to already) Who are your favorite artists? How often do you listen to music? -+To answer any of these questios, type in purple+-

Monday, August 29, 2005

New blog

Awesome! My fourth blog! I'm gonna use this one to talk to my friends and classmates. All are welcome!